What We Do

There are many ways to get your organization involved:

  • We come to you – All we need for the program is an open space that is conducive to dancing. When the weather permits, a playground or similar space is sufficient.
  • You come to us –  We have access to the two premiere ballroom dancing locations in the Philadelphia region: the Society Hill and Manayunk studios of the Society Hill Dance Academy.
  • We train your staff – Our expert team can teach your staff the necessary skills to lead our program at your site to more participants over time.


  • Program Length
    • Our best program: One-year program, meeting once a week, approximately 45 minutes/session
    • Suggested minimum length: 3 months, twice weekly, approximately 45 minutes/session
  • Required Materials
    • Sound system – We can provide one or use yours.
    • Dancing space
    • Attire – Participants can use their regular clothing, but flip-flops or similar footwear are not appropriate
  • Sequence of Instruction
    • Opening session
      • Getting to Know You
      • Basic Introduction to Ballroom Dancing
    • Ongoing Sessions
      • Basic Patterns – Learning the basic steps of each dance.
      • Footwork – How to use your feet (heel lead or toe lead) and where to place them.
      • Timing – Every dance has a basic rhythm. The students will learn how to apply those rhythms to the music.
      • Lead-and-Follow – The heart-and-soul of ballroom dancing; where the whole communication begins.
      • Styling  – After students learn the basic patterns and the aspects of lead-and-follow, they have the basic foundation to add flair, lilt, and panache. Every dance has its own story. The styling brings out the character of the dance and what makes each dance look and feel different.  Once students learn this basic styling, they can place their own personal stamp on the dance itself, and the dance becomes an extension of their personalities, another creative outlet.